Xeride (ゼライド, Zeraido), or Zelied in Japan, is a mechanoid soldier from the video game Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2. he is able to hack into other mechanoid soldiers and is very knowledgable on them. His best friend is Gabriel and the two are never far from each other.


Most of Xeride's background is unexplained during the game. This includes when he was summoned and by whom, how he ended up as a Stray Summon in the forest nearby Cliff Village, and how he met Gabriel. He joined the wind brigade when he and Gabriel came across Rocky and Kara, who had formed the group. Xeride became the second in command of this group, and helps Gabriel look after the other members of the wind brigade.


Xeride is first encountered while he is looking for Medicinal herbs with which to help other members of the wind brigade, who were injured. The player was looking for these herbs as well, and the two factions each take some of the herbs with which to treat their friends who were sick or injured. For the rest of the game, Xeride helps Gabriel with everything that he does. He sometimes speaks to and assists the player, such as by helping them to repair GUNVALD, but also sabotages them. He hacks into Bruno in order to transfer Gedharm and his allies to the locations where the Daemon Edges were hidden in pursuit of the main character. He also sabotages some of GUNVALD's systems while repairing him, allowing the villians to destroy GUNVALD. When Gabriel's identity as the black swordsman is discovered, Xeride leaves with him to an unknown location, until Ryouga forces Xeride to send him to the locaton where the last Daemon Edge is hidden, the Oni Hot Springs. At the end of the game, he communicates with the main character via radio to help them rescue Orin and Tatiana. He also teleports the main charcter to Goura for the final battle.


Xeride is never fought in the game.



- If the player chooses to visit Gabriel on thier nightly walk, Xeride will be with him as well. This is also true for the ending of the game.

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