Yellow Faction

Yellow Faction

Place of Origin
Lyndbaum, Saint Kingdom
Notable Members
Mahn Family, Kelma Wordein

An organization of summoners. They have the tendency to treat summon abilities as tools for business, always looking to make profit through many summon-related jobs. They are different than the Blue Faction, in that they are constantly involved in political and economic activities.

The way they handle their teachings is also very different from the Blue Faction. In their case, techniques and summons are secrets shared only between family members. Therefore, their summon specialties are the same for the whole family (For example: for the Mahn family is Sapureth, while for the Bronx family is Loreilal).

Their headquarters are at the southwest harbor town of Fanan, in the Saint Kingdom. The current Headmaster is a very beautiful woman called Famy Mahn, who is also head of the Mahn family.

Since they treat Summons like “products”, it’s normal to see them using summoned beasts like slaves. Consequently, many beasts get overstrain by the all the forced work. They utilize their summons for jobs like environmental improvement, fishery and agriculture, as well as for manpower for construction sites and industrial work.

They are also known as merchants of death, because they usually work for the military, using summons as weapons or soldiers. As a result, they would be seen as the “bad guys” almost everywhere, but again, it’s only everyday business for them, and when it’s really necessary, they'll come to help without complying.

The main families are the Mahn and Wordein Families.